University City, Missouri by John A. Wright


University City, Missouri by Sr., John A. Wright

In 1904, from a plot of land that would soon become University City, eccentric publisher Edwin Gardner Lewis shone the beam of what he claimed was the world’s largest searchlight over the World’s Fair in nearby St. Louis. Several years later, he claimed an even greater possession: a city, created around his publishing complex, complete with his own mayoral office, wide boulevards, and beautiful residences. The story of University City is one of urban wonder: from the city’s “Hilltop Neighbor” and namesake, Washington University, to the diversity showcased in today’s University City. The historic images in this volume illustrate the area’s founding and development, from the largest printing press of the time, capable of producing 300,000 eight-page newspapers an hour, to the lion sculptures at the city’s famed “Gates of Opportunity,” standing proud as the city’s everlasting symbol.

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