The Saltwater Marathon by Jonathan Chateau


The Saltwater Marathon by Jonathan Chateau

The Saltwater Marathon is a page-turning sci-fi thriller about a grief-stricken man who puts his emotions aside when he finds himself trapped in a mall with strangers being pursued by a supernatural threat. 

For the past six months, Bryan Combs has been consumed with guilt. He cheated on his wife, Sirena, and fell for the seductive charms of his boss, Carmela.

The adultery proved too great for Sirena to handle, so she hopped in her car and drove it into the ocean. Her body was never recovered.

While the fling may have ended, the remorse still remains, and now Bryan buries himself at work, opting for late night shifts at the mall, often drinking himself to sleep in the back office of his once beloved job.

But everything changes the morning they show up…

Strangers at his office door… screaming, pleading and begging him to open the door because they’re being pursued and desperately need somewhere to hide.

As he awakens from his drunken stupor, he begins to wonder if this some sick joke put on by Carmela? Retribution against him for ending their torrid affair?

Bryan wouldn’t be sure until he let these strangers in.

However once he does, he soon witnesses for himself what has these people so afraid, so panicked, that he finds it impossible to stay caught in his own spiral of self-loathing.

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