The Misguided Matchmaker by Nadine Miller


The Misguided Matchmaker by Nadine Miller

Madelaine Harcourt knew right from wrong and good from bad — and if she did not, her iron-willed father made sure she got the very best in life. He had the riches to buy her a title, and he had carefully chosen and cold-bloodedly purchased the perfect mate for her, the eminently suitable, thoroughly decent, and unfortunately impoverished Lord Garth Rand.

But when Garth’s criminally handsome, dangerously charming, illegitimate half-brother Tristan came to fetch Madelaine back to England from France, her father’s flawlessly laid plans began to go astray. Tristan did not try to deceive her. He made it clear he had known many women and was no stranger to scandal, and that he lived by his wits without wealth. It was easy for Madelaine to see how wrong it would be to give her heart to him — and yet so hard not to do what felt so right….

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