The Maker of Entropy by John Triptych

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The Maker of Entropy by John Triptych

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The third book in this action packed series reaches a stunning climax as the world’s hidden secrets are finally revealed.

Miri and Zeren lead an expedition into the lost trading routes of the Unknown Regions. In these strange lands they encounter disparate tribes ruled by a domineering Khanate in the midst of an internal struggle, one that could decide the fate of the known world. With an unseen force guiding him, Rion’s quest to finally unearth his true origins leads them all towards an ultimate confrontation with the Maker of Entropy, a living god of immense power.

Do not miss this new release in the ongoing sci-fi series The Dying World. If you are a fan of planetary romance and out of this world adventure in the tradition of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Jack Vance, Ursula K Le Guin, Dune, and Star Wars, then have a look at this latest release by John Triptych!

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