The Exiled Monk by James T. Wood

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The Exiled Monk by James T. Wood

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When Peek saw a way out of his servitude he took it.

He paddled with all his might to a distant island protected by fierce currents where aged monks kept the secrets of The Melody. But his arrival tore at their spells and left them vulnerable.

When the seafaring raiders attacked, Peek witnessed the monk’s magic in force. But it wasn’t enough. Peek drove off the raiders with a chaotic power he didn’t know he possessed.

From the ashes of his new home Peek glimpsed the flames of his old. The monks were without protection and the village without provision. Only together could they survive the coming winter.

Now Peek must stand with the monks against the relentless berserkers who want to claim the power of The Melody for their own dark purposes. But he must also control the forbidden, blasphemous magic within him or face exile from the only people who have ever cared for him.

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