The Duke’s Dilemma by Nadine Miller


The Duke’s Dilemma by Nadine Miller

A Compromising Position

Miss Emily Haliburton could not hope to match her cousin Lady Lucinda Hargrave in either beauty or social standing. Certainly she could never compete with the lovely Lucinda for the hand of the devastatingly handsome, dauntingly demanding Lord Jared Tremayne Duke of Montford, who was on the hunt for a wife, after a reign as London’s leading libertine.

No, the duke decidedly would never see Emily as a mate in marriage when Lucinda fit that role so well. But if the duke could not see Emily as a wife when she arrived with Lucinda on a matchmaking visit to the ducal estate, she caught his roving eye as a woman–which left Emily torn between her position as Lucinda’s companion and confidante and the passion that the most irresistible rake in the realm knew so well how to stir and satisfy….

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