Surviving In America by Paul Andrulis


Surviving In America by Paul Andrulis

Surviving In America: Under Siege (Joe Anderson #1)
by Paul Andrulis

“Pure instinct made Joe take a flying dive to the ground behind a nearby woodpile located a few steps from his truck. An earsplitting explosion followed hard on the heels of his mad dive, the blast itself followed by parts of his truck. Hot shards of glass and pieces of metal fell from the sky like demented and dangerous hailstones.

A mile away, at the next farm, the Captain looked back at the echoed boom with a crooked smile.

“Gotcha!” he exclaimed as he crossed out Joe’s name on the list of names and addresses he was carrying.”

Welcome to America as you have never known it, where your worst fears and concerns are not conspiracy theories. They are real. Join Joe Anderson in this epic battle to Survive in an America that is Under Siege.

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