Stepbrother: Scar Tissue by Lillian Thorne


Stepbrother: Scar Tissue by Lillian Thorne

Love like this burns and aches. It leaves scar tissue that never fades…

After my stepbrother, Luke, left our small town, I thought I’d never see him again. So when he rescues me from a brutal assailant one night, I can hardly believe my eyes.

It has been years since I’ve last seen him. Judging by his slick new wardrobe and fancy car, he’s doing just fine for himself.

Better than me. I’ve all but given up my dream of escaping this town.

Until now.

He’s offering me a way out, but I’m hesitant to accept.

Working with him, spending that much time with him, would drive me insane.

I’ve always had a crush on him. But ever since he saved me, I can’t stop fantasizing about his ripped body and handsome face, or how his hands would feel all over me.

Not that it matters anyway. Powerful, driven, and gorgeous, Luke could have any woman he wants. Why would he want me?

But the way I see him stealing glances at me, the more I think there’s something else on his mind.

What if it’s me?

This is a romantic suspense novel with a HEA. No cliffhanger. It contains adult themesharsh language, and graphic sexual content.

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