Shadows of Glory by Owen Parry


Shadows of Glory by Owen Parry

Shadows of Glory (Abel Jones #2) by Owen Parry EPUB

In a snow-swept Northern town, Union officer Major Abel Jones struggles to solve the riddle of Federal agents tortured to death, an act of stunning brutality cloaked in fear and lies. Confronted with murder and madness, sedition and seances, selfless patriotism and haunting passions, Abel is duty-bound to succeed, even though the ghosts of his own past-when his uniform was scarlet and not blue-are waiting for him. From the dr ma of Civil War Washington and a divided home front, to the hardship and triumph of Grant’s capture of Fort Donelson, Shadows of Glory magnificently conjures up an American past — and brings it to ravishing life with matchless authenticity and storytelling power.

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