Scotland Christmas Reunion by Donna MacMeans


Scotland Christmas Reunion by Donna MacMeans

Scotland Christmas Reunion (The Rake Patrol #2.5)
by Donna MacMeans

Edith MacPherson, mother of the Whisky Laird and widow, has remained at Castle Ravenwood until her son and new daughter-in-law have returned from there honeymoon. She has welcomed them home and now feels useless as Claire takes over the duties of Mistress of the Castle. Even the Christmas holiday seems morose as the Scots don’t celebrate Christmas, at least not as it’s done in London, her home. However, a stranger from her past appears at the castle and turns her sad world upside down. He presents her a Christmas she’ll never forget.

This short story in part of the Rake Patrol series. While this story is free-standing, it is best enjoyed after reading the seductively witty, The Whisky Laird’s Bed, the romance of Claire Starke, a temperance zealot, and Cameron MacPherson a Scotch distiller.

The first book of the Rake Patrol series is The Casanova Code which tells the story of how the Rake Patrol began.

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