RIPPED – A Dark Psychological Romance by Molly Molloy


RIPPED – A Dark Psychological Romance by Molly Molloy

She’s ours now.
Those sensual sexy-as-F- curves.
Hard to pin down only makes her more enthralling.
Because eventually she will be caught in our net.
A butterfly pinned in our box.
Because once we select our woman we never let go.

Newly divorced and smarting, Riley Hart takes off on a solo adventure to Europe. Secretly she yearns for a Venice affair but her barriers to love are too solidly erected. Not even a pair of masked lady-killers in the throng of carnival can liberate her. Riley can’t let go.

But that’s all about to change.

PLEASE NOTE This novel is a Dark Romance. It contains psychological themes and possible triggers. Not everything is as it seems so don’t castigate the author if you don’t understand what’s going on. Especially if you don’t read to the reveal.
Ripped is a duet novella. This is the first part of 28,000 words. The second part is now published and available. Discover the conclusion.

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