Relativistic Figures of Equilibrium by Reinhard Meinel


Relativistic Figures of Equilibrium by Reinhard Meinel, Marcus Ansorg , Andreas Kleinwachter, Gernot Neugebauer , David Petroff

First book of its kind! This much-needed text treats the classical problem of gravitational physics within Einstein’s theory of general relativity. It presents the basic principles and equations needed to describe rotating fluid bodies, as well as black holes in equilibrium. In recent years, the study of neutron stars and black holes has become increasingly important, and rigorous mathematical analysis needs to be applied in order to understand their basic physics; This text fills the void! The book concludes by considering the general case using powerful numerical methods that are applied to various models, including the classical example of equilibrium figures of constant density. Researchers in general relativity, mathematical physics, and astrophysics will find this a valuable reference book on the topic.

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