Muslim Citizenship in Liberal Democracies: Civic and Political Participation in the West by Mario Peucker


This book explores Muslims’ civic and political participation in Australia and Germany, shedding light on their individual experiences, motives for, and personal implications of their multi-faceted engagement.

Based on in-depth interviews with Muslims who have been active within a Muslim community context, mainstream civil society and the political arena, this comparative study reveals the enormous complexities and dynamics of active Muslim citizenship.

The author paints a picture of Muslims as ‘almost ordinary’ citizens, who – despite experiences of stigmatisation and exclusion – often seek to contribute to the advancement of society and the promotion of social justice.

Their civic engagement, even within a Muslim community context, builds intra- and cross-community networks, and contrary to widespread contestation of Islam and its place in the West, their faith is anything but a civic obstacle to their active citizenship agenda.

This book will be of interest to scholars and students in the fields of Sociology, Politics, Islamic Studies, Sociology of Religion and Political Participation.

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