Megadrak: Beast Of The Apocalypse by Christofer Nigro

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Megadrak: Beast Of The Apocalypse by Christofer Nigro

Megadrak: Beast Of The Apocalypse by Christofer Nigro EPUB

Japan, 1954 is forever marked as a turning point for human civilization, as that was the time and place when the first of the gigantic beasts known as daikaiju appeared to wreak devastation upon a hapless Earth. The first of these kaiju to dethrone humanity from its supreme position at the top of the planetary food chain is Megadrak, a 55-meter tall monstrosity of god-like power and fury that made the Land of the Rising Sun and its surrounding islands the initial target of these titanic beasts. The spires of Tokyo fall like the obsolete monuments to humankind’s global hegemony that they are, and the U.S. military combines with the Japanese Self-Defense Force to oppose the rampage of the apocalyptic Megadrak as it smashes buildings and devours all people unfortunate enough to cross its brutal path. Amidst the Megadrak’s assaults on Japan are the stories of several people who crossed that path, and their struggles to survive and resist the deadly kaiju’s attack that shattered their once relatively sane world. How many of them will survive? And is Megadrak the only monstrous menace which the world must face? This is where the challenge to humanity’s dominance of the Earth began, and Armageddon will not be far behind.

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