Under the Knife by Kelly Parsons


From the author of Doing Harm, a thriller in which a grieving, vengeful husband stalks the surgeon he blames for his wife’s untimely death.

Morgan Finney, a biotechnology tycoon, is a shy, highly intelligent but socially awkward and emotionally fragile man.

It was his wife, Jenny, with whom he connected and who enabled him to connect with others. When Jenny dies of complications during a surgery led by Dr. Rita Wu, Finney’s grief turns to rage.

He vows to kill Rita just as he believes she killed his wife. But first he will systematically destroy her life.

Aided by a mysterious man named Sebastian, Finney uses advanced medical technology to brainwash Rita.

He tricks her into ruining her reputation and brings her to the brink of madness.

Alone, fighting for her sanity and life, Rita reaches out to ex-lover Dr. Spencer Cameron.

Together they uncover Finney’s horrific intentions and race to stop him.

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