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indian polityAn excellent book for academicians, aspiring civil servants and people with keen interests in matters concerning politics, the Indian Polity serves as a Bible for gaining an in depth perspective on the features and trends of the Indian political system. The book is broadly divided into eleven parts. Part one focuses on the Indian constitutional framework while Part two provides information regarding the system of the government in India. The details concerning the three levels of government, namely, the Centre, State and the Local governments are mentioned respectively in part three, four and five. The rest of the two sections of Indian Polity are concerned with the various Constitutional bodies and Union Territories respectively. The information relating to ‘Non-constitutional bodies’ and ‘Other Constitutional Dimensions’ are given in parts eight and nine respectively. ‘Political Dynamics’ and ‘Working of the Constitution’ constitute the remaining two parts. The appendices include aspects like the Articles of the Constitution, Subjects of Union, State and Concurrent Lists, the Table of Precedence, Oath by the Constitutional and other Authorities, Definitions under the Constitution, Constitutional Amendments at a Glance and the Ministries/ Departments of the Central Government. Indian Polity helps people, especially civil service aspirants, gain detailed knowledge on important topics, which they are expected to know in order to clear the Civil Services Examination.

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