Give and Take by Claire Cullen


Give and Take by Claire Cullen

Give and Take (Ties That Bind #1)
by Claire Cullen

A new day, a new city, a new life. Where had he heard all that before?

Drew is good at running. He ran from his home, from his family, and now from his powerful, dangerous ex, enlisting his distant brother’s help to start a new life. The one thing he wasn’t betting on was his new roommate. Sam is strong and handsome, with deep brown eyes he could get lost in. If only Drew’s new mission in life wasn’t to stay under the radar. Hard to do when you’re living with a cop. What starts out as Drew’s attempt to distract them both from their troubles becomes something more, each touch, kiss, and shared truth bringing them closer. But when danger catches up with him, can he put his trust in Sam, even if that means putting Sam in danger?

“If you give so much of yourself to other people, you won’t have anything left for you.”

Sam is the person people go to for help, it’s just who he is. But he’s spread thin trying to juggle his job on an elite police team, helping his buddy Matt out of the depths of PTSD, and taking in Drew whose middle name is trouble. At first, he thinks the kissing and touching is just Drew trying to stop him from looking deeper. As they grow closer, he realizes it’s more than that. Drew needs him, he wants Drew, and he’ll give everything he has to keep Drew safe. Will it be enough?

Give and Take is a 67,000 word contemporary romance novel that can be read as a standalone. It has a happy ending and no cliffhangers. It deals with some difficult themes, and contains scenes not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen.

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