Financial Products by Bill Dalton


Financial Products by Bill Dalton

Financial Products: An Introduction Using Mathematics and Excel
by Bill Dalton

Publisher: Cambridge University Press Financial Products provides a step-by-step guide to some ofthe most important ideas in financial mathematics It describes andexplains interest rates. discounting. arbitrage. risk neutralprobabilities. . forward contracts. futures. bonds. FRA and swaps. Itshows how to construct both elementary and complex (Libor) zerocurves. Options are described. illustrated and then priced usingthe Black Scholes formula and binomial trees. Finally. there is achapter describing default probabilities. credit ratings and creditderivatives (CDS. TRS. CSO and CDO). An important feature of thebook is that it explains this range of concepts and techniques in away that can be understood by those with only a basic understandingof algebra. Many of the calculations are illustrated using Excelspreadsheets. …

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