Fantasy of Flight (The Tainted Accords #2)


Fantasy of Flight (The Tainted Accords Book 2) - Kelly StFantasy of Flight is the highly anticipated second instalment of The Tainted Accords.

My veil is off and I need it back.

Stuck in the lethal outer rings of Glacium, I must fight to survive until I can find the answers I seek and find a way back to the Bruma castle.

Being a Solati from the enemy world of Osolis would be bad enough, but being the Tatuma, the next in line to rule…No one can find out who I really am. Especially now the veil is off.

Has the Tatum refused King Jovan’s peace offers and declared war? Do my brothers and Aquin know I’m alive? Who are my enemies and who are my friends?

Nothing is certain. Though, if I think about it, nothing has been certain in a long time.
All of my worries must be put aside.

I can’t imagine many distracted fighters survive The Pit.

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