Escape to Fort Abercrombie by Candace Simar

 Escape to Fort Abercrombie by Candace Simar

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Mama and little Elsa are kidnapped by Indians. As his father lies dying from a Sioux arrow in his chest, fourteen-year-old Ryker Landstad promises to take the nine-year-old twins to safety and rescue Mama and Elsa. They’re in the middle of an Indian war, and it’s risky to travel the main road to Fort Abercrombie. Ryker and the twins must cut across country through ten miles of prairie grass taller than a grown man. It takes all Ryker’s gumption, and a little help from angels, to reach the fort, only to discover that Fort Abercrombie is besieged by 500 warriors. Ryker refuses to give up. He has no choice. He made a promise.

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