Environmental Transport Phenomena by A. Eduardo Sáez James C. Baygents


Environmental Transport Phenomena by A. Eduardo Sáez, James C. Baygents

Environmental Transport Phenomena offers a detailed yet accessible introduction to transport phenomena. It begins by explaining the underlying principles and mechanisms that govern mass transport and continues by tackling practical problems spanning all subdisciplines of environmental science and chemical engineering.

Assuming some knowledge of ordinary differential equations and a familiarity with basic applications of fluid mechanics, this classroom-tested text:

  • Addresses mass conservation and macroscopic mass balances, placing a special emphasis on applications to environmental processes
  • Covers the fundamentals of diffusive transport, applications of the diffusion equation, and diffusive transport in reactive systems
  • Discusses convective transport, hydrodynamic dispersion, and transport in multiphase systems
  • Presents a mathematical framework for formulating and solving transport phenomena problems

Environmental Transport Phenomena makes an ideal textbook for a one-semester advanced undergraduate or graduate introductory course in transport phenomena. It provides a fundamental understanding of how to quantify the spread and distribution of contaminants in the environment as well as the basis for designing processes related to water purification, wastewater treatment, and solid waste disposal, among others.

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