Enduring Armageddon by Brian Parker


The world as we knew it ceased to exist in twenty-four hours when a regional conflict spun out of control and pulled every nation into the war. By the end of the day more than 6 billion people were incinerated as pre-assigned nuclear targets were fired upon. When the cities were vaporized, millions of tons of dirt and ash were thrown into the air and blocked out the sun, plunging the globe into an unnatural winter.

From the ruins of the irradiated wastes emerged a new breed of creature. Some of the survivors call them zombies, others refer to them as mutants, but the fact remains that their sole desire is to murder the unchanged and eat whatever they can find. Their bite spreads the diseases that they carry and all who come in contact with them are suspected of being infected as well.

The lack of government creates a void that is filled by local warlords who struggle with each other for food and resources. These clashes threaten to destroy the last vestiges of humanity as the basic needs of food, water and shelter take precedence over everything else. Into this world of chaos and depravity Chuck and Rebecca Broussard must fight for their survival while they attempt to lead a small group of survivors further south away from the deepening cold.

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