The Murder Game (Inspector Danilov #3) by M.J. Lee

The Murder Game (Inspector Danilov #3) by M.J. Lee

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At the crack of dawn, a woman appears on the smoggy Shanghai streets. A thousand cuts on her body, she is howling in agony. But two words are just audible among the cries. The victim is screaming for Inspector Danilov.

Days later, she’s dead – and another body is left waiting for the inspector. It appears someone is playing with him… someone who is prepared to kill to get their message across. At first, the victims seem unconnected. But with each body bringing a new message for Danilov, he knows this is a riddle especially designed for him. And the longer he takes to solve it, the more bodies will pile up at his door…

Old scars are reopened in The Murder Game, the chilling third installment in M J Lee’s Inspector Danilov series.

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