The Island by Amy Cross

The Island by Amy Cross

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“The revolution never came. We all waited, but it didn’t happen. Eventually we just had to accept that the world is never going to change. The only way to escape is to come to the island.”

In the near future, it’s not hard to end up on the wrong side of the law. Every lie counts, every minor mistake. Build up enough points, and you’ll be hauled off to work for the government. The only possible escape is the island, a remote wilderness with no rules and no laws. But if you choose to go to the island, you can never come back.

Everyone knows that only crazy people go to the island.

Arrested for a crime she didn’t commit, Iris soon discovers that she already has a long criminal record she never knew about. When her world comes crashing down, she makes the ultimate choice and invokes her right to be sent to the island. There, she quickly discovers the horrors of a land where anyone can do anything they want, free of all rules and laws. She also meets Asher, a mysterious girl with a dark past and a crazy plan to establish her own town in the midst of the island’s chaos. First, though, they both have to face a deadly group with a taste for human flesh.

The Island is the first book in the Steadfall series, about two people trying to establish their own order in a mad world, and about the horrors that take place when humanity is let off the leash.

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