The Even More Complete Book Of Australian Verse by John Clarke

The Even More Complete Book Of Australian Verse by John Clarke

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For many years it was erroneously assumed that poetry’s spiritual home was England. But, painstaking and detailed research has highlighted this terrible misconception and at last revealed the truth. Here, to set the record straight, is inconvertible proof of this cultural iniquity. In what can only be described as a unique and long-overdue collection of Australian verse, a wondrous diversity and inspiring wealth of imagery and ideas, lost and unjustifiably forgotten till now, is here apparent, for all to see. a nation so young there can be no Icelandic Sagas, no Chaucer and no Shakespeare. In other respects, however, this is the most complete collection of Australian verse ever published. Works by major poets have been discovered in various parts of the continent and are published here for the first time. Their original oeuvre has been located and biographical details recorded. Many, as you will see, are surprisingly familiar: Fifteen Bobsworth Longfellow, Alain Frost, Emmy-Lou Dickinson, Very Manly Hopkinson, Jems Choice, R.A.C.V. Milne, Rabbi Burns, b b hummings, Sir Don Betjeman, W.H. Auding, Dylan Thompson and Robert Bowell.

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