Roses, Wine & Murder: In the City of Steeples by Rose Young

Roses, Wine & Murder: In the City of Steeples by Rose Young

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Vineyards, gardens, fine wine and food pairings delight…
yet, in this case, death disturbs all tranquility!
Roxanne Samson, a sweet and sensible gardening expert is being targeted after a wealthy wine connoisseur is found dead in her city garden. Soon her friend, Georgi Algarve, a flamboyant wine aficionado and manager of the Vinho Verde wine bar, realizes both their lives are in serious danger. While trying to discover the murderer in their own haphazard way, the endearing duo, weave their way deeper into trouble when a deadly game of blackmail is played.
New London’s prominent detective, Dan Morrison, juggles multiple suspects and a Long Island widow, as a maniac’s malevolence snakes through the City of Steeples. While Fire Chief Samson does his best to manage his concern for his wife Roxanne, his crew is called to attend to another unresponsive victim.
Struggling to manage the escalating situation, Detective Morrison’s pressure is compounded when the President decides to give a speech at the Coast Guard Academy. Needing to solve the case quickly, Morrison presses for more evidence and finds a new perspective from the enigmatic medical examiner, Dr. Angela Storm.
When suspicions arise, about an incognito killer traveling across Long Island Sound, Ferry Captain Matthew Griswold, assists with the twisting, turning investigation by putting his crew on high alert.
In between all the mayhem, wine dinners are hosted by Georgi at the Vinho Verde wine bar and we all learn a little more about him than we anticipated. Roxanne tries to relieve her stress, by whipping her garden into shape, and researching poisonous plants which she finds out, are the killer’s forte.
Roses, Wine & Murder is a thrilling madcap adventure laced with New England history, scenic vineyards, and some Coast Guard action. This is a modern-day murder mystery that will entertain with plenty of flair and foul play.

Received 5 STARS by Readers’ Favorites Reviewers!
“The story combines aspects from different genres — thriller, historical, mystery, and crime fiction — and pulls the reader into an intriguing world. Roses, Wine & Murder has a beautiful setting, a gripping plot, and readers can’t resist the wonderful pacing. It’s one of the most entertaining books I have read in this genre this year.” Arya Fomonyuy – Reviewer for Readers’ Favorite – 5 STARS
“The picturesque setting, coupled with the gripping plot, with wine dinners, poisonous plants, and a gritty investigation make this story a memorable one. …an exciting read, intelligently plotted and accomplished to a masterly finish. A must-read from one of today’s best storytellers.” Divine Zape – Reviewer for Readers’ Favorite – 5 STARS
“Georgi and Roxanne, are a dazzling pair, playing well off each other with complementing personalities. There’s a sharp wit, humor, and intelligence in Young’s writing that will easily charm you. …a fun ride, funny and compelling, with a complex mystery of threads that slowly come together in a satisfying conclusion.” Liz Konkel – Reviewer for Readers’ Favorite – 5 STARS
“Roses, Wine & Murder – In the City of Steeples has a little of everything for readers; New England vineyards, gardening, mystery, intrigue, friendship, crazy escapades, and is truly a book worth reading.” Trudi LoPreto – Reviewer for Readers’ Favorite – 5 STARS

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