Hidden History: Lost Civilizations, Secret Knowledge, and Ancient Mysteries by Brian Haughton

Hidden History: Lost Civilizations, Secret Knowledge, and Ancient Mysteries by Brian Haughton

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Despite being enmeshed in a culture steeped in technology and science, the
magic and mysteries of the ancient world can still haunt our imagination.
Through their architecture, artefacts and deeds, ancient cultures speak to us
across thousands of dusty years–from the labyrinthine palace of Knossos on
Crete and the lofty pyramids of Egypt to the remotest jungle temples of Peru and
the megalithic mystery of Stonehenge.
Hidden History brings together a fascinating selection of these ancient enigmas,
arranging them into three sections: Mysterious Places, Unexplained Artefacts,
and Enigmatic People.

You’ll discover fascinating facts about:

The Great Sphinx–Mysticism and archaeology collide in the ongoing debate
over this enigmatic monument.

Mystery Hill–Who built the intriguing megalithic complex lying 40 miles north of Boston?

The Antikythera Mechanism–An ancient Greek computer found beneath the Aegean Sea.

The Giant Hill-Figures of England–The Uffington White Horse and other huge
chalk figures cut into the English countryside thousands of years ago.

The Queen of Sheba–Clues to the real identity of this mighty ruler famous for
her Biblical visit to King Solomon

Newgrange–Hundreds of years older than the Giza Pyramid and Stonehenge.
Who were the builders of this Irish megalithic monument?

Hidden History fills the gap between archaeology and alternative history using
the latest available data and a common sense, open-minded approach. The book
discusses not only ancient history–s major mysteries, but also some of the
puzzles of alternative history–like the “Coso Artefact,” the possibility of ancient
flight, and the mysterious “Voynich Manuscript”–as well as mysterious peoples

from the Magi and the Druids to the Knights Templar and the Green Children.
With more than 50 photographs and illustrations, this is the ideal reference work
for those interested in the archaeology of these great enigmas.

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