Desired by the Wicked Woodsman (Night Falls #3) by Christa Wick


When it comes to Joshua Reeves, the alpha cat in the Night Falls pack, wolf shifter Clover Hughes is about to go from despise to desire in sixty seconds flat.

The bear that fostered her is about to have cubs of his own. Her big brother and her best friend are leaving on their honeymoon.

And her body has decided she needs a swift kick in the butt before she winds up a spinster.

A rare second heat has her heading for the hills—the same hills prowled by Joshua Reeves, her brother’s new second in command and the pack’s alpha cat. Emphasis on cat.

Clover Hughes doesn’t do cats. Members of a pride in California slaughtered her parents and hunted her until she was on the brink of death. A crazy she-cat in Night Falls shot her with a poisoned bullet.

Rinse, wash, repeat—

Clover Hughes doesn’t do cats. She knows that. Her heart and brain know that.

But the rest of her body isn’t listening.

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