Counting on Cayne by Ada Rome


A decade can bring a lot of changes.

Ten years ago, Brinley LeClare left her tiny hometown of Hallow River, North Carolina, dreaming of fame on the New York stage. Her life did not turn out quite as planned.

Ten years ago, Cayne Talbot was a hopelessly awkward teenager with a schoolboy crush on Brinley, the beautiful and talented dancer. In the wake of her departure, the boy that every girl ignored vowed to become the man that every woman would remember.

Now Brinley has unexpectedly returned to Hallow River. But this is no triumphant homecoming. She is on the run from a nightmare. To her surprise, she finds that the last ten years have turned Cayne into a hulking, handsome, and mysterious stranger with a reputation around town as a callous heartbreaker. As the two reconnect, a mutual attraction ignites into a fiery passion. Feelings from the past bubble to the surface, but secrets from the past threaten to tear the new lovers apart.

The clock is ticking. A monster is stalking Brinley to the quiet streets of Hallow River. Cayne may be the only one who can save her life. He may also be the one who finally wins her heart.

Warning: This book contains adult language and situations. It is intended for mature audiences over the age of 18.

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