The Coming of Shadows by Steven Moorer (ePUB)

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The Coming of Shadows (Shadow Tide Trilogy #1) by Steven Moorer ePUB

Dominic, a young soldier born of noble birth has returned home after the death of his father to a family that resents him. Ash, a mysterious mercenary begins a journey that will unlock an eight-hundred-year-old mystery. Idris, the King’s steward and man with a hidden past must try to keep the peace as a once united nation begins to crumble. Three men, on three different journeys don’t realize how important they are as an ancient enemy, thought to be long dead secretly returns in the west. With no time spare they each learn truths, both from the past and the present, truths that could both destroy or unite the fragile nation. As tensions rises and the government starts to crumble, distrust, hatred, lies, and deceit poison the minds of those in power. Mysterious people appear to those who are lost and the innocent caught in the middle will suffer the most. Will the players in the game be able to unite or will they tear each other apart before The Shadows come?

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