Can’t Stand The Rain by Latitta Waggoner


Can’t Stand The Rain by Latitta Waggoner

Kale is in love with her man, Pit. Pit is an ex- drug dealer with an unfaithful heart which gives Kale reason enough to keep her guard up. He desires nothing more than to leave the past where it’s at so that he can build a solid foundation with her. However, Kale isn’t sold on the dream that he’s selling her. The plot thickens when a visitor resurfaces with skeletons from the past. Kale’s faith and loyalty in her man is tested.

Sanayah- twin sister of Kale, has a secret lover that she is afraid to reveal out of fear of losing her dream career. She is suddenly faced with a dilemma that leaves her no choice but to come clean. Unbeknownst to her, there is an even bigger secret that her lover has of his own.

Surrounded by their closest friends that are along for the ride, these sisters will endure a lot treachery, deceit, & betrayal. When being confronted with life’s uncertain lessons will they be able to withstand the rain? Or, will they all drown in the sea of conviction?

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