Burn by Michael Dean


Burn by Michael Dean

Hell hath no fury like one of its own.

The tide has changed and the stakes have grown even higher for Drift Demon Leo Cutler. As his struggle for freedom from Hell continues and the battle with Christian’s council thickens, Leo now finds himself in deeper than ever before.

His human girlfriend, Shade Lewis, has disappeared and Leo must recover her from some of the most deadly vampires in history before he goes into battle deep within the mountains of Transylvania with the most powerful vampire of all time…Shimmer.

Secrets will begin to surface and Leo will discover that his struggle for Diccittidel doesn’t just include going through the council members. Christian will throw another obstacle his way, a being so deadly that it’s never been released on earth…until now.

Can Leo save himself, his girlfriend, his friends and the very world they all live in? Or will he watch them all BURN?

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