Top 5 Websites To Download Free eBooks In 2018


If you love to read eBooks and don’t want to spend any money on them then you my friend need to check out the sites listed below.

Here are the top 5 websites to download free eBooks in 2018

Now of course you could just find the here on this site, but there is such a wealth of information out there that it is literally impossible to have every book on one site.

So in an effort to help you diversify your eBook collection here are some sites that will help you narrow your search for that eBook you want so bad without having to shell out cash.

1.Top Shelf Book

Top Shelf Book has been around for a while and is one of our partners. They literally have thousands of free eBooks and they update daily.

But what makes them so unique is the fact that they are pretty much the only free eBook site that allows you to request books. In some cases it’s hit or miss but most of the time they will post your request in a day or two.

Not bad for a service that cost you a big fat goose egg.

2.Ebooks For Free

Have you ever seen that episode of the Chappelle show where Dave is in the internet. He is looking for music and the guy is like “you can pay for it here…or get it FREE Here!!!! Well that’s pretty much the felling you get with ebooks for free. You get tons of free eBooks with daily updates.





Ahhh Gutenberg. previously know as project Gutenberg. What free eBook list would be complete without the likes of this site.

If you are into classics then this will be the only site you will ever need. That’s pretty much it…seriously. Not much to say about it. Kinda just…well boring. but hey its free!! Get all the free eBooks you can.

Actually on a side note to the owners of Gutenberg. UPDATE YOUR WEB TEMPLATE! it looks like a site you would struggle to access on AOL during the good old days of dial up. Geeze.



So here is an interesting site for eBooks. They have more than just books, but the eBook section is actually pretty impressive.

This site is a forum where people post books they have. You can actually find some pretty good books here.

5.Epub Love

Epub Love Has a wealth of books, but what impressed us most is the layout of the site. It is extremely easy to navigate and responsive on any device.  They update the site with a variety of new books daily.

I guess the name says it all, if you love to read…..well you get it.


Honorable Mention

The Ebook Hunter (Lots Of Romance Books)

Ebook Bike

Comment below to add your favorite free eBook site.



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